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How can you protect your brand name, idea or product?

Choosing a company and a brand name, is part of the exciting and initial process of starting a new business, but even if... Read more

What Brexit means for Business

8 Months after Brexit came in to effect on 1st January 2021, what has it actually meant for businesses in the UK? If... Read more

Can I claim on my business interruption insurance because of Covid?

3PB barristers David Berkley, David Parratt QC (Scot) and Neil Fawcett bring you a recording of their webinar on... Read more

What should you do if you have a VAT inspection coming up?

This podcast from Hatti Suvari and Tax Law barrister from 3PB, Thomas Talbot-Ponsonby, looks at VAT, HMRC and VAT... Read more

How can I protect an asset that I have created?

Hatti Suvari and seasoned IP barrister from 3PB Nicole Bollard, discuss what is meant by the term Intellectual Property,... Read more

Does 3PB have expertise across the many different types of construction and engineering disputes?

3PB covers the full range of construction and engineering claims from Design and Build, PFI/PPP, Civil Engineering, MEP,... Read more

If I make a complaint against a bank, will my financial product be affected?

Ultimately, this will depend on what you are hoping to achieve. If you believe you were sold a product that was... Read more

I am still not satisfied with the way in which my case has been handled, is there anything else I can do?

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the review then you still have the opportunity to refer your complaint to... Read more

I think I have been mis-sold a cap, what can I do?

Customers who purchased caps are not included in the scope of the review unless they complain to their bank during the... Read more

I think I’ve been mis-sold a swap agreement, what can I do?

If you believe that you have been mis-sold a swap agreement then you should seek legal advice. In some cases such as... Read more

I think I have been mis-sold a structured collar, what can I do?

Under the Financial Services Authority Redress Scheme, if you have bought a structured collar from Barclays, HSBC,... Read more

Have I been mis-sold an inappropriate financial product?

When sold to customers who are likely to lack expertise and understanding of the product (i.e. ‘non-sophisticated... Read more

How to instruct a barrister

Our experienced team of specially-trained clerks make instructing a 3PB Direct barrister simple. Watch our video for a step-by-step guide on how to work with us to achieve a resolution to your legal issue.

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