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Why won’t my bank let me withdraw my permitted weekly spending limit?

When the claimant obtains the freezing injunction it will be served on your bank(s) and the bank(s) will freeze your... Read more

Will I breach the injunction by making a legitimate payment to a creditor?

Yes, unless you have varied the order to permit such a payment to be made.  Any payment without the sanction of the... Read more

What do my assets include?

The definition of assets obviously includes those which are in your name, whether sole name or joint names. This... Read more

Do I have to respond to the injunction if I am not in the jurisdiction?

This will depend whether you are out of the jurisdiction for a short time or whether you are resident out of the... Read more

What will happen if I breach the injunction?

If you do not comply with the injunction either by failing to do things you are required to do by a certain time, or... Read more

Do I have to comply with the Order if I have a good defence or grounds to discharge it?

Yes. It is necessary to comply with the disclosure obligations even if you issue an application to discharge the Order.... Read more

The order says I need to provide a list of my assets immediately and confirm this within 24 hours. Do I really have to respond this quickly?

Yes. You will be in breach of the injunction if you do not. You are permitted to take legal advice before complying, and... Read more

How can I pay my living expenses and legal fees if my assets are frozen?

The order should provide that there is an exception to allow you to spend a reasonable sum on legal fees, and a fixed... Read more

I have just been served with a freezing injunction; can I apply to discharge it?

A freezing injunction (also known as a freezing order) will usually contain a provision expressly allowing you the... Read more

Do I have to choose between the criminal and civil justice systems?

No, the two systems can work together. There is nothing to prohibit a civil claim following a criminal claim, or vice... Read more

Do I have to report a fraud to the police?

No, in the UK there is no legal obligation to report a fraud to the police or to any other body, unless you and/or your... Read more

I am a victim of fraud – should I report the matter to the police or pursue the defendant through the civil courts or both?

The primary consideration is do you want to try and get your money back?  If the answer is yes, then you need to bring... Read more

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