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Pre-nuptial agreements: are they a waste of time?

Do you have assets that you would like to try to and protect if you ever get divorced? Have you signed a prenuptial... Read more

What rights do grandparents have when a couple separates?

This podcast is a must listen for grandparents who want to know what their rights are in relation to their grandchildren... Read more

What am I entitled to during a divorce? Will I have to sell my home?

What are you entitled to during a divorce from your marriage? Does your home have to be sold as part of your divorce?... Read more

Will 3PB be cheap lawyers for my divorce, financial settlement hearings or custody matters?

No. 3PB’s specialist family barristers are to re-use a well-known phrase, "reassuringly expensive". In family... Read more

What will my family barrister be able to help me with?

A 3PB Direct family barrister will be able to advise you (either in person or in writing); and represent you in court. ... Read more

When do I have to pay the barrister?

  You pay your barrister for every item of work or attendance at a hearing - fees are paid in advance as set out... Read more

Do I enter into a contract with the barrister?

You do enter into a contract with a Barrister. You will receive a client care letter which forms the basis on which you... Read more

How can my family barrister help me?

A 3PB Direct family barrister will be able to provide both advice (in person or in writing) about your current... Read more

Will my barrister be a specialist in family law?

Yes, all of our 3PB Direct family barristers are experts in the field of family law across all of its disciplines from... Read more

When is it best to instruct a family barrister?

We will always encourage you to instruct counsel as soon as possible. An assessment can then be formed on your case. We... Read more

How to instruct a barrister

Our experienced team of specially-trained clerks make instructing a 3PB Direct barrister simple. Watch our video for a step-by-step guide on how to work with us to achieve a resolution to your legal issue.

We’ll be here every step of the way to support and guide you through the legal challenges at hand.

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