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The courts system in the UK is not unified. England and Wales has one system, with Scotland and Northern Ireland having separate systems of their own.  

All courts in England and Wales are designed to deliver justice using a number of different courts: 

  • County Court 
  • Magistrates’ Court 
  • Crown Court 
  • Royal Courts of Justice 
  • Youth Court 
  • The Supreme Court. 

County Courts: 

Generally deal with personal injury, breach of contract regarding goods or property, divorce/family issues, repossession of houses, claims for debt.

Magistrates’ Court  

The magistrates’ courts are where the vast majority of criminal cases are heard but they also deal with a wide range of civil cases including: 

  • Hearings cases of people that have not paid their council tax bills 
  • Granting betting, gambling and alcohol licences 
  • Hearings cases that deal with families and children 
  • General family law matters. 

Crown Court  

In the Crown Court cases are heard by a judge and a 12-person jury. Crown Courts deal with serious crimes including: 

  • Robbery 
  • Rape 
  • Murder .

Royal Courts of Justice  

The Royal Courts of Justice is divided into a number of specific groups each with their own courts. These groups include: 

  • The Court of Appeal  
  • High Court 
  • Administrative Court.

Youth Court  

The Youth Courts are special types of Magistrates’ Court that deal with young offenders aged between 10 and 17 years old. Specially trained Magistrates handle Youth Court cases. However, more serious offences can be referred to the Crown Court. 

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