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SME businesses and individuals depend on financial advisers to support their business or family finances. But when a professional fails to protect their interests, they can suffer severe financial harm. Professional negligence claims can arise from simple administrative and communication failings, technical and legal errors or a wilful disregard for your best interests; and can result in significant financial losses, wasted costs, hours of management time and considerable personal distress. 3PB barristers help people and SMEs of all sizes to recover these losses and have one of the largest specialist teams of QCs and counsel in London and across the UK.

We act for both claimants and defendants – whether SMEs and larger PLC businesses, pension funds, schools and universities, construction companies, the agricultural sector, local authorities, private clients, property management companies, engineering companies, law firms, insolvency practitioners or health trusts.

We will advise you about and employ the dispute resolution methods that afford the greatest certainty of cost, timing and outcome. This includes:

  • Analysing the role of specialist professional advice in business and personal decisions in order to assess the basis for claims
  • Assessing the case for negligence, including assessing claims of contributory negligence
  • Assessing the compliance of professionals to the demands of their professional regulatory bodies and UK/EU regulators
  • Providing an early, detailed evaluation of the merits of a claim and pragmatic advice on the most effective strategy for resolution
  • Pursuing Pre-action Protocols to see if we can resolve the dispute before proceedings are issued and stopping defendants abusing those protocols
  • Advising on insurance coverage issues for insurers, and for claimants where insurers attempt to avoid cover.

3PB barristers will ensure that you have the very best chance of a positive outcome. We will use the right tactics and recommend the best independent expert witnesses – and have the advantage that we know both sides of these disputes – and have an exceptional record of success in the courts.

We also pride ourselves on the fact that we are often instructed to assume conduct of claims where clients have become dissatisfied. We have an impressive record of ‘turn arounds’ where we have applied our specialist experience to rescue cases that were failing before they came to us.

We understand too the financial demands such a case can bring on a SME or individual and are willing to underwrite our advice with our fees. Where appropriate, our professional negligence barristers will offer you a variety of funding options for you case from introduction to litigation funders, damage based agreements (DBAs), conditional fee arrangements (CFAs) and deferred or staged fees where we advise that their claim should be pursued.

For help and advice please contact David Fielder on +44 (0)3333 231 586 or email us.

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This will depend on the specifics of your case. You will be able to rely on 3PB’s barristers expert, strong advocacy and presence in the hearing, excellent written advocacy, detailed analysis and telling cross-examination. Our barristers have an outstanding record in a field of practice where the success rate is notoriously low. We pride ourselves […]

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