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You have a summons to appear in the Magistrates’ Courts charged with Road Traffic offences such as speeding, driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs, mobile phone 0ffences whilst driving, failure to identify the identity of a driver, or failure to provide a urine specimen for analysis. We have successfully advanced “exceptional hardship” arguments (owing to mitigating circumstances of yours) and “special reasons” arguments (avoiding obligatory disqualification or endorsement due to novel circumstances relating to the offence or genuine medical conditions). We pride ourselves on our exceptional motoring offences record in court for drivers, helping avoid penalty points and drivers to keep your licence; and using defences as varied as  genuine medical condition for refusing to give urine specimens, drink laced without knowledge or consent, challenging on the identity of the driver and the obligations to provide information to the police.

We are frequently representing drivers in the Crown Court who are arrested and charged with criminal offences such as dangerous and careless driving, manslaughter, criminal damage, arson and perverting the course of public justice. We represent you throughout the proceedings and will work tirelessly in negotiating to have drivers avoid prison sentences, receive community orders and go on driver awareness courses rather than have penalty points. Successful defences have been run including automatism/unexplained loss of consciousness and neurological conditions and reliability of results in a blood sample test (such as Randox Testing Services).

Our barristers will give you a speedy and honest overview of your road traffic law , once you have sent the relevant documents to us, plus sensible and practical advice about your hearing or summons.  As well as getting specialist representation from expert counsel with an enviable track record of successful cases, you will receive a bespoke service tailored to your case, lifestyle and present commitments. You’ll also get sympathetic publicity management if yours is a high profile case with media interest.

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