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Students have rights to compensation and increasingly are using them to make complaint – sometimes at their instigation and sometimes at the behest of parents – against their University, College or School. The 2020 exam results fiasco has created unprecedented levels of interest in appeals and litigation against exam bodies or schools and teachers over assessments.

Disputing the marking or final grading of your A-level, BTEC,  GCSE or degree assessments, insufficient special arrangements made for you to take your exams, cancellation of courses and timetabled tutoring, inadequate pastoral care when you were struggling to cope, and exam results gone against you. You may also have suffered psychological or mental distress from this and a loss of earnings, sacrificing potential salary from a lucrative graduate job.

Tutors are increasingly accused of discriminating against students for having a mental illness and pressurising students to leave due to issues of dyslexia, ADHD, and OCD. Indeed many current claims in England and Wales state that the “reasonable adjustments” required by the 2010 Equality Act to accommodate students’ mental illness are not being made.

Paying £9,250 tuition fees with maintenance costs on top every year means you expect the kind of service that allows you to maximise the outcome. Students who need reasonable adjustments should not pushed around or ignored. This year hundreds of students are demanding compensation after lecturer strikes led to them losing contact hours.

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Do not miss out on listening to this free and informative episode in which Hatti Suvari and experienced 3PB education law barrister, Emma Waldron discuss the Ofqual algorithm exam marking fiasco, and the crisis that it has brought on for thousands of students and education centres. Hatti and Emma talk about the various challenges that […]

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Yes, we have created this FAQ document. GCSE results 2020 – Key questions and answers for students by 3PB Barristers Please do remember that this is a rapidly changing situation and that you must check this information is up to date and consider seeking proper professional advice before taking any action.

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Yes. Issue a “Subject Access Request” to find out information to support you in pushing for an appeal about your grades. Young people can make requests themselves, though you may be asked by the school whether you want your parent/carer involved and that you understand what is involved with this request: a. Under the GDPR […]

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Your school or college submitted the grades it believes you were most likely to achieve if exams had gone ahead. We know many students wanted to be able to challenge their centre assessment grades if they were unhappy with them, but we judged this could not be done consistently and fairly. Any appeal would have […]

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You can ask your school or college to check whether it made an administrative error when submitting your centre assessment grade or rank order information for GCSEs. Administrative errors might include, for example, mixing up 2 students with similar names, or accidentally copying across the wrong data, but do not relate to the professional judgements […]

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The very latest Ofqual GCSE guidance (released on 20 August) is here.: Ofqual has also updated its formal appeals guidance – Extraordinary regulatory framework: General Qualifications, COVID-19 Conditions and Requirements. It did – so on 14 August and again on 19 August 2020. Please make sure that you are looking at the latest version of […]

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Call your college or sixth form or future employer or over the next few days via phone or email using its “contact us” page.  If you cannot get through, send an email to their admissions department asking for clarity on how they will be dealing with GCSE results, leaving your phone number (and perhaps that […]

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The grade you receive on 20 August 2020 should be the higher of either: a. Your centre assessed grade b. Your standardised / moderated grade.

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