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Our expert education specialists help parents whose children have been excluded, or who are at risk of exclusion. Taking early legal advice from a specialist education barrister as soon as a situation starts to develop can often help to nip a problem in the bud or to stop it spiralling out of control.

You may need to challenge the exclusion. In these instances our experience of making these challenges and of assisting with exclusion appeals and hearings before the governing body and Independent Review Panel will help you to get the right result.

Whether your child has been permanently excluded (expelled) or excluded on a fixed term (no more than 45 school terms in a single academic year even if the child has moved schools) our barristers will help you to establish whether the head teacher has explored all possible avenues to avoid the exclusion.

As exclusions are only acceptable as a last resort it may be that an alternative solution can be found. Increasingly reports suggest that schools are imposing an ‘informal exclusion’ on children. This is not allowable and you may be able to challenge following the correct procedure ultimately leading to the possibility of a Judicial Review.

You’ll find our barristers are approachable, professional, understanding and knowledgeable. Contact us today to explore your options on whether or not to contest an exclusion from your child’s school.

For help and advice please contact Tom Cox on +44 (0)3333 231 586 or email us.

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