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Our employment barristers accept instructions in relation to internal investigations including:

  • Undertaking investigations on behalf of employers.
  • Conducting grievance, capability, disciplinary and appeal hearings on behalf of employers.
  • Representing employees in workplace meetings (if appropriate).
  • Advice on without prejudice discussions pre and post-termination.
  • Advice and training on the above and related matters.

For employees

When you are in the middle of a dispute with your employers it can be worrying and may feel as though it is you against them. With formal procedures and legal jargon to contend with it’s easy to see how you might feel isolated and uncertain when dealing with a problem at work.

If you have received notification from your employer that an internal investigation is going to be carried out it can be an intimidating thought.

Your employer may be undertaking the investigation for an entirely valid reason such as in order to establish the facts behind disciplinary allegations or in response to employment issues such as whistleblowing, harassment and discrimination allegations.

You are likely to seek legal advice early so that you understand your rights and can properly prepare. You may in some circumstances also seek legal representation for internal hearings.

Our employment specialists will be able to assist you in the preparation for any hearings and throughout any disputes with your employer.

You may be able to access help with your legal costs via your home or motor insurance (if you have legal expenses insurance or via a professional membership association. Specialist legal costs funding may also be available. Speak to one of our experienced team about this. Access general information on costs funding here .

For employers

Employers are regularly required to undertake investigations, hearings and appeals as part of day to day management. These will cover an unlimited range of issues such as discrimination, pay, whistleblowing, capability, disciplinary and grievances. To avoid protracted disputes and litigation you will want to ensure that you undertake a fair and reasonable process. Your employee will likely have HR professionals and possibly employment barristers on hand to advise them as to how to conduct the investigation.

It may be useful for you to speak to a 3PB barrister to review your position and to seek advice as to the best of course of action for your business. The details of any investigation or subsequent process including the outcome may be referred to in any subsequent legal proceedings. Professional advice from an experienced employment law specialist, such as those at 3PB, can help you to ensure that an investigation or subsequent proceedings are carried out according to due process. You will also have access to expert advice helping you to navigate the process..

Early assistance can result in the difference between a successful resolution to the issue, whether through an out of court settlement or via a more formal forum such as an employment tribunal. Over the years our barristers have experienced most scenarios concerning issues at work and as such are well placed to advise and support you.


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