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Court of Protection barristers deal with a wide range of cases arising in the Court of Protection. Our barristers are regularly instructed by all parties to such proceedings including family members, local authorities, deputies, Protected Parties and the Official Solicitor. We have experience in dealing with cases at all levels of complexity, from District Judge to the High Court, appearing regularly at both First Avenue House and the Regional Centres. We undertake advisory and advocacy work at all levels.

Our barristers provide specialist expertise in the fields of both Health and Welfare and Property and Affairs. Our considerable experience in wills and probate, trusts, administration of estates and family provision means we are able to provide accurate and practical advice to all our clients. We are also happy to provide supportive and explanatory advice to those unfamiliar with this area.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Deputyship matters
  • Statutory wills
  • Lifetime gifts
  • Deprivation of liberty applications
  • Property and Affairs matters generally
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • All aspects of mental capacity
  • Medical treatment
  • Best interests decisions
  • Welfare matters including contact, residence and care decisions.

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Court of Protection Barristers


Vanessa Meachin KC

Lawyer since 1990

Dorian Day

Lawyer since 1987

Elisabeth Hudson

Lawyer since 1987

Sarah Dines MP

Lawyer since 1988

Mark Calway

Lawyer since 1989

Melanie De Freitas

Lawyer since 1995

Andrew Lorie

Lawyer since 1996

Martin Kenny

Lawyer since 1997

Poonam Bhari

Lawyer since 1999

Rebecca Franklin

Lawyer since 2001

Gemma Chapman

Lawyer since 2002

Emma Harman

Lawyer since 2003

Elizabeth Hepworth

Lawyer since 2004

Nick Davies

Lawyer since 2006

Emma Southern

Lawyer since 2006

Amy Beddis

Lawyer since 2009

Nicola Frost

Lawyer since 2009

Alex Hodge

Lawyer since 2009

Sarah Jennings

Lawyer since 2009

Emma Waldron

Lawyer since 2011

Matthew Wyard

Lawyer since 2014

Antonida Kocharova

Lawyer since 2015

Jim Hirschmann

Lawyer since 2018