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Trading standards investigations can be both disruptive and distressing, affecting both your personal and business life. In some instances, convictions against individuals can result in the imposition of a custodial sentence in the Crown Court.

Taking expert legal advice at the outset can often make all the difference. You’ll need barristers with years of experience in dealing with trading standards who can help you if you want advice on complying with their regulations or you are under investigation.

We can help you if you are facing a potential Trading Standards investigation; received a court summons or prosecution as a result of a Trading Standards investigation; or are an SME business owner looking to assess the risk of facing a Trading Standards investigation in future. Trading Standards investigations can cover a wide range of potential offences that include copyright, trademarks, trade descriptions, consumer credit, under-age sales and food safety, among others. 3PB have extensive experience of defending clients in investigations brought about by:

  • The Office of Fair Trading
  • The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority
  • Local Authorities’ Trading Standards Departments
  • The Food Standards Agency
  • The Financial Conduct Authority
  • The Environment Agency
  • The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

We can help you keep up to date with changes in regulations and protect your business from potential investigations. Our barristers offer specialist advice and full legal representation if you are facing or have already faced an investigation. We will:

  • Talk with investigating bodies to protect your best interests
  • Help you prepare when an interviews is needed
  • Assist you make written statements
  • Help you to protect your business from unwanted media attention in the event of a large investigation
  • Make you aware of your rights, and solutions, if you find that an investigation is likely to impact upon your ability to work in future.

We will advise you about the law and the Court process. We’ll assess the evidence and advise you on the appropriate plea, taking all the necessary proactive steps to defend the case. We can also advise on other matters relevant to the case, for example confiscation proceedings following a guilty plea or finding of guilt and also in relation to any applications that may be made by Trading Standards for the seizure and destruction of any goods seized.

3PB barristers can represent you through your indemnity insurance or agree affordable fixed fees for legal representation on an affordable payment plan.

Our team of highly experienced barristers is ready to listen to you and counsel you about any concerns you have about trading standards investigations.

Trading Standards Barristers

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Frequently asked questions

Local authorities employ Trading Standards Officers to investigate consumer complaints and enforce legislation relating to the protection of consumers. The relevant legislation covers a number of different areas including: • Unfair commercial practices • Counterfeit goods/trademark infringement • Labelling/descriptions • Weights and measures • Under-age sales (e.g. tobacco and alcohol) • Consumer contract regulations (governing […]

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Trading Standards Officers will have their own criteria for pursuing an investigation but common factors which are taken into account following a complaint are: The amount of money involved and number of customers or businesses affected The vulnerability of the victim(s) Complaints involving food and a risk to public health and wellbeing Significant breaches of […]

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In most cases, businesses are keen to comply with the law and to avoid the risks and expenses of formal enforcement action. Many breaches of trading standards law are resolved through advice and agreed remedial actions by the business (which might include changing products, systems, labelling or advertising and/or arranging redress for customers who have […]

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Trading Standards Officers will consider aggravating and mitigating factors when deciding on the type of penalty to issue.  Aggravating factors may include: If the offence took place over a long period of time The victim was particularly elderly or vulnerable A lack of remorse on behalf of the offender Evidence of significant consumer or public […]

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