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Our barristers provide specialist advice to sports professionals and organisations in relation to a range of misconduct allegations.

Our team has experience of advising and defending sports professionals in relation to disciplinary and safeguarding matters arising from on-field and off-field incidents; and assisting sporting clubs and regulators with governance matters. Our specialist assistance in this area includes the following:

  • Advising players in relation to high-profile disciplinary matters following on-field incidents
  • Representing players and regulators where misconduct is in relation to comments made on social media
  • Representing players before their regulators’ panels
  • Sitting as panellists on disciplinary panels/committees
  • Lead or support independent investigations into sexual misconduct and abuse scandals
  • Representing coaches under investigation by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  • Representing players in criminal proceedings arising from off-field incidents
  • Making successful representations to the police and specialist prosecuting agencies to drop the charges.

So if you are facing a disciplinary proceeding for misconduct, or if an incident you were involved in is under investigation by the sports council governing your sport, it is highly advisable you speak to a specialist 3PB Direct barrister to ensure that you secure the best possible outcome.

Having a barrister or barrister present from the start of any investigation is crucial, as any statement you have made at the start of proceedings can have a detrimental effect on the outcome. Our specialist barrister can help you get your professional career back on track. Going through an investigation can be a stressful time for you and your family, and can have an impact on your career, and your personal and professional development as a sportsperson, which is why we are there to ensure you are given the best representation and advice every step of the way.

Whether the complaint relates to professional performance or misconduct, we can help. If you are facing disciplinary action following a criminal conviction, you will require the representation of a highly experienced criminal barrister in the field who can help you to build a robust defence and to fight your corner.

If you are involved in a disciplinary procedure or are awaiting a hearing with a sports tribunal, get in touch as soon as possible. How you proceed from the outset will impact on any decision made, so do allow us to guide and advise you through the entire process so that you can get back on track, and back in the game. We will handle your case discretely and we will actively avoid publicity.

For help and advice please contact Stuart Pringle on +44 (0)3333 231 586 or email us.

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