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In particular I’m known for taking on difficult private and public law cases involving physical and sexual abuse allegations, complex parental alienation and where there are non-accidental injuries, significant substance misuse, mental health issues and domestic violence.

I’m also highly experienced in complex financial cases involving welfare and financial disputes over children and international relocation.

How much experience do you have in this area?

I have over 10 years’ experience in family law at the highest levels and in the most complex and demanding cases.

How would you describe your approach to working with clients?

I approach cases with what many would describe as a “forensic manner” with a very methodical approach to preparation, detail, and effective presentation of the key issues in any particular dispute. I have a reputation as a fearless advocate who dispenses with advice in a frank and down-to-earth manner. I get straight to the point, am a strong negotiator and a resolute cross-examiner of opponents, witnesses and experts.

I am frequently asked to advise and appear in many appeal hearings because a number of those have resulted in re-hearings being directed in the appeal.

Legal Expertise

I’m able to help you with public law and private law children cases involving adoption including cases where there are allegations of the death of a child (parent or carer), very serious non-accidental physical injury, sexual abuse, domestic violence, child protection, parental alienation and trafficking of children.

I’ve long acted for abuse complainants involving incidents and campaigns of sexual abuse, neglect and death in cases in children’s homes and schools, in foster care, teachers, families, and in sporting and voluntary and media organisations. I’ve represented adults and children abused in long term care and for learning disabled children and young people, as well as in claims against local authorities for failing to remove children at risk.

My expertise also involves cases with an international element whether it involves the relocation and abduction of children or challenging international cross-border jurisdictional decisions.

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