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How much experience do you have in this area?

I qualified in 2009 so have just over 10 years’ experience as a criminal barrister.

Legal Expertise

My practice covers all manner of offences including rape and other serious sexual offences, drugs conspiracies, serious violence, arson and offences of dishonesty and fraud. I both prosecute and defend and have been led on a number of serious cases including allegations of attempted murder.

I think my biggest strength is my ability to strike up a good relationship with clients and to approach cases involving sensitive and difficult allegations with tact and confidence. I’ve developed a style which has been proven to be extremely effective in cases involving young and vulnerable witnesses and successfully completed the national Vunerable Witness Training programme in 2017. I often act for defendants who have no experience of the court process, who hold positions of responsibility and find themselves charged with serious and (if proven) potentially career ending sexual offences. I’ve successfully defended police officers, teachers, care workers and military personnel.

I also act for vulnerable, elderly and young defendants. I’m also experienced in confiscation proceedings and proceeds of crime as well as other ancillary orders such as Sexual Harm Prevention Orders and Criminal Behaviour Orders.

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