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How much experience do you have in this area?

I became a barrister in 1996 and have specialised in these areas ever since then. I have represented people and companies in many different courts.

Legal Expertise

My insolvency practice encompasses both personal and corporate insolvency and I welcome instructions in the following areas:

  • Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA)
  • Injunctions preventing the presentation of a petition
  • Director’s disqualification
  • Transactions at an undervalue and preferences, wrongful trading and misfeasance
  • Applications to set aside statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions
  • Applications by trustees in respect of real property
  • Income Payment Orders (IPO)
  • Third party applications.
  • I regularly advise and act for insolvency practitioners, trustees, creditors and debtors and individuals in relation to a wide variety of matters. Also being a part-qualified accountant, gives me the ability to deal with complicated factual issues as well as the legal complexities, but also the ability to assimilate accounts quickly and efficiently.

Recent cases include representing liquidators against directors in complex claims for misfeasance, transactions at an undervalue and preferences. I’ve also recently represented a bankrupt in claims against trustees in bankruptcy who are alleged to have acted against the interest of the bankrupt in the residue of the estate.

I was appointed Deputy Bankruptcy Registrar in 2008 and I’m now Deputy Insolvency and Companies Judge frequently sitting in the Bankruptcy and Companies Court List in the High Court.  I am also a part-time judge [“Recorder”] in the County Court, specialising in Probate and Property law.

I have a real ability to think laterally, which gives me a real advantage when acting as a mediator.  I understand the day to day concerns of the lay client and am willing to take as much time as is necessary to reach a resolution – at times taking the less travelled path and looking at creative solutions the apparently insoluble.I’m flexible in my approach and appreciate that even in apparently straightforward matters, there may be underlying emotional issues which have to be acknowledged and addressed in order to give the best chance of settling the actual legal issues. In those matters, I’ll address and value the emotional issues, without allowing them to get out of hand or to interfere with a sensible settlement.

Where the issues are practical or legal, I’ll seek to assist the parties to look at alternative solutions of ways of solving them. It is my experience that it is often the issues that appear to be trivial which are of greatest importance to one or more of the parties.

I encourage parties to resolve matters in a sensible and workable way, reaching an agreement which is clear and unambiguous. Where necessary I’ll assist with the drafting of an agreement.
My property practice encompasses trusts of land and proprietary estoppel, as well as boundary disputes. I have an extensive knowledge of and practice in probate and trusts issues, including bringing or defending disputes about wills.

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