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How much experience do you have in this area?

I’ve been a Grade 4 prosecutor since 2007 and have over 20 years’ experience.

How would you describe your approach to working with clients?

I’m known for my clear and persuasive advocacy, approachable nature and meticulous attention to detail.

If you hadn’t become a barrister what would you have done instead?

I’m currently pursuing a life long interest, and am about to embark upon a Masters in Law in Maritime Law (incorporating environmental law subjects).

Legal Expertise

In addition to my criminal work I also accept instructions to appear at Inquests. For over five years I’ve sat as a part-time coroner which has included sitting in three different parts of the country (West Sussex, East London and Birmingham). In that role I’ve held over 200 inquests relating all manner of unexpected, untimely and unnatural deaths.

I’ve conducted significant inquests touching upon work related (Health and Safety) deaths and I’ve conducted a number of Article 2 deaths, in particular those relating to deaths in custody or confinement, a number of which have involved custody in a Mental Health Institution. Finally, I’ve held many inquests into deaths which touch upon medical procedures, inquests raising issues of clinical negligence, infant deaths, suicides and road traffic collisions.

As a result of sitting as a Coroner and the detailed training that is involved with that position, I’ve gained invaluable insight and knowledge in this field. I now sit as a Recorder in the Crown Court, Deputy District Judge hearing civil claims and have further been appointed as a part time judge to the First Tier Tribunal (Mental Health).

I’ve recently defended a carer accused of injury to a patient detained under a Deprivation of Liberty Order, a client accused of neglect of and theft from four individuals in his care and defended an attempted murder concerning a child.

In my role as a criminal barrister, I’ve undertaken the most serious of criminal cases including multi-defendant and multi-agency prosecutions between Complex Case Work (CPS) and the Border Agency, significant cases of fraud, murder and manslaughter and cases which involve public profile.

In terms of my regulatory experience, I come from the unusual route of having sat in various judicial positions in that field rather than being an advocate in that area first.

I’m currently engaged on an EU funded project in West Africa to draft a manual for the prosecution of environmental criminal offences. I also recently finished a very significant Trading Standards case where I advised a central Defendant in a prosecution that had been commenced in 2012 and involved the actions of 5 companies trading within the holiday and leisure industry.

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