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How much experience do you have in this area?

I had 13 years of experience as a family law solicitor advocate before becoming a barrister. As a Children Panel solicitor in the south of England, I gained lots of experience in the public law field and my experience now exceeds 24 years in practice.

How would you describe your approach to working with clients?

I have a tenacious but pragmatic approach and I’m always prepared to ‘go the extra mile’.

If you hadn’t become a barrister what would you have done instead?

In my spare time I work as a mentor for adults with severe learning difficulties so I think I’d have looked to do this full time.

Legal Expertise

I represent parents, children and Local Authorities in court proceedings, and have represented numerous authorities in the South and West of England.

I’ve worked on a wide range of family law cases including:

  • Fact finding and care proceedings involving death of two infants as a result of alleged suffocation by a parent
  • Care proceedings involving parents with profound learning difficulty both from the point of view of parents and local authorities
  • Parents and children with sensory impairment
  • Cases involving high levels of neglect and addiction
  • Fact finding and care proceedings involving the infliction of deliberate burns on children and restraint with gaffer tape
  • Skull and skeletal fractures to infants
  • Factitious Illness
  • Cases involving sexual abuse of children of an extreme nature/child exploitation
  • Cases involving profound mental illness/disorder and also physical illness
  • Special Guardianship applications
  • Child Arrangements applications particularly those involving the need for a 16.4 Guardian and intractable child arrangements disputes between parents
  • LGBT parenting
  • Social Minority / ethnicity / religious issues
  • Blood transfusion cases
  • Removals from Jurisdiction.

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