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How would you describe your approach to working with clients?

I’m a strong and committed advocate who always ensures that a client feels comfortable and listened to whilst providing expert advice and skilled representation. I prepare my cases meticulously (to include drafting robust position statements/ skeleton arguments as required) and respond swiftly to emails.

If you hadn’t become a barrister what would you have done instead?

Before becoming a barrister I trained as a child protection officer with Save the Children where I worked with children, families, professionals and government officials in complex situations of abuse, violence and conflict in Liberia and India. I then worked for the AIRE Centre, a specialist charity providing legal advice and training on issues arising under European and domestic law. My passion has always been in promoting people’s access to justice so if I hadn’t trained as a barrister I’d be doing something similar in the not-for-profit sector.

Legal Expertise

I regularly represent parents, interveners and Children’s Guardians in private family law proceedings that include injunctions, enforcement applications, fact-finding hearings and contested final hearings and have represented parties seeking Special Guardianship Orders (a legal order appointing one or more individuals to be a child’s ‘special guardian’) and post-adoption contact. I’ve worked on cases of a particularly sensitive nature including issues of domestic violence, gender-based violence and mental health.

‘Financial remedies’ makes up a significant part of my practice, and I regularly represent people who have separated from their partner in circumstances where they were either married or unmarried, living together or separately, and where there may or may not be children. This also includes disputes over property ownership within relationships and families.   I represent people in cases where there is very little money to go around and won tough fights to obtain fair outcomes, and also people in cases where there are significant assets and the court’s approach is more complex. I have dealt with parties failing to provide full disclosure, trying to hide (or get rid of) assets (including investing them overseas) and orders made in other countries.

I have a particular interest in issues of jurisdiction and international law, to include where one parent has moved/ fled overseas, there are foreign orders in place or overseas financial assets, or questions of jurisdiction or habitual residence. I have represented parties in numerous cases such as these with a high degree of success.

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