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How much experience do you have in this area?

I’m a Grade 4 prosecutor with just over 20 years’ experience as a barrister.

How would you describe your approach to working with clients?

I’ve gained a reputation for being an effective advocate with a commercial eye to client needs, aims and resources.

Legal Expertise

My criminal law experience includes all manner of serious crimes from murder, manslaughter, drugs importation, organised crime and sexual offences; to white-collar crime consisting of fraud, MTIC matters, Bribery, compliance advice, and asset recovery matters; and regulatory / quasi-criminal matters involving particularly sports law, disciplinary hearings, maritime and food standards matters.

I’m frequently instructed to represent companies and directors in relation to alleged regulatory or criminal fault and is on hand to provide assistance for compliance, pre-charge advice and during potential prosecution.

My wide ranging regulatory law experience includes maritime, fire regulation, CQC, environmental law and health and safety matters.
I’ve prosecuted for a number of local and national authorities and have extensive experience representing employers, employees, directors and companies often charged with complicated and offences that carry profound reputation damage.

I’m often instructed by insurance firms and risk assessors to provide advice on the merits of an insurance funded case before action and is well versed in providing realistic, swift and cost appropriate advice to both those insured and self funding. As such I provide advice and assistance targeted to avoid, challenge or minimise the effects of any regulatory investigation or prosecution whilst maintaining a commercial eye to an individual means and ultimate business reputation of the client.

In terms of my maritime expertise, I have significant experience in providing pre-charge advice and guidance for both Defence and Prosecution teams and I’m regularly instructed to represent owners, employees and companies.

I’ve provided advice in actions brought by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (‘MCA’) (HSE) and I’ve also defended a number of cases prosecuted by the Marine Management Organisation (‘MMO’). Recent cases have include collisions at sea; health and safety breaches; environmental issues; fisheries and registration and technical breaches. My previous clients include: masters, owners, charterers, operators, companies and prosecuting agencies.

My sports law expertise includes regularly appearing before sports regulation / disciplinary hearings and providing advice on rules, compliance and the consequences of infringements.

I also have a significant background in malfeasance, bribery and fraud and am well placed to deal with these matters arising from corruption and criminality in sport. In addition I have a particular specialisation in anti-doping law both defending and prosecuting and I’m currently instructed in a case for UKAD (UK Anti-Doping) in a unique body dimorphism case.

I’ve recently represented a professional rugby player, a flat racing jockey, basketball player, cyclist and young boxer so my skills and expertise cover a wide range of sports.

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