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How much experience do you have in this area?

I qualified as a barrister in 1972 so have over 47 years’ experience.

Legal Expertise

I’ve advised and acted in a wide variety of commercial law cases in the corporate and commercial fields and handle cases from all parts of the country and in all courts.

My commercial and business cases includes the following:

  • Banking and guarantees
  • Agency, from residential estate agents to commission on the purchase of an aircraft
  • Carriage of goods
  • Sale of goods, ranging from consumer transactions to agricultural equipment
  • Work and services, including such areas as domestic interior designers, architects and builders and the development of new dental health products
  • Copyright and passing-off
  • Business relationships generally, from the development of golf courses in Portugal to the design of private medical insurance policies
  • Bankruptcy
  • Insurance, including avoidance for non-disclosure
  • Mortgages and brokers.

I’ve acted as Inspector for the Department of Trade and Industry in cases under the Financial Services Act and my corporate experience includes:

  • Company insolvency
  • Winding-up on the petition of a contributory
  • Partnership matters, from restaurants to veterinary surgeons.
  • Professional negligence in the commercial context.

I also have a particular interest in professional negligence and liability and have a broad experience of cases involving the negligence of legal practitioners, both in the conduct of litigation and in handling and advising in property and commercial transactions.

I’ve acted in cases arising out of underlying matters ranging from criminal injury compensation claims to admiralty proceedings including matters such as mortgages and the sale of a private company.

I’ve also handled cases involving the negligence of accountants in the context of tax affairs and company accounts, and has acted in cases concerning other professionals such as insurance brokers and stockbrokers.

I regularly act in proceeds of crime and asset forfeiture cases and have experience in cash seizure cases both under the new Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and under the previous legislation. I also handle applications for restraint orders and for the variation of restraint orders.

Proceeds of crime cases involve the civil as well as the criminal jurisdiction and can give rise to human rights issues of which I am familiar. I have experience of criminal work generally, both prosecuting and defending, and I’ve acted as an Inspector for the Department of Trade and Industry in insider dealing cases.

In terms of regulatory law, I also have experience of professional regulation and disciplinary and liability cases in the clinical and legal context. In clinical cases I’ve acted in disciplinary matters:

  • Before the professional conduct committee
  • In internal proceedings before the health service authorities
  • Before employment tribunals.

I also have additional expertise acting both for individuals and public authorities, in the fields of:

  • Food safety
  • Licensing
  • Trading standards
    I’ve also dealt with other public law areas such as Election law.

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