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How much experience do you have in this area?

I was called the Bar in 2009 and started my pupillage (barrister training) immediately.

I pride myself on my thorough case preparation, excellent client-care, approachability and persuasive advocacy style.

Legal Expertise

I’m experienced in cases involving non-accidental injuries to children; factitious illness syndrome (Münchausen syndrome); addictions (including drugs and alcohol); mental illness; learning disabilities both parents and children; sexual abuse of parents and children; domestic violence; chronic neglect; adolescent children who are separately represented from the Guardian; Special Guardianship; third party interveners; contact with a child in care and contact with a child under a placement order; and the Official Solicitor.

In children cases I’ve acted on all s8 Children Act matters including:

child arrangement orders; applications for a Prohibited Steps Order; applications for a Specific Issue Order; enforcement applications; guardians; expert evidence; local authority involvement; the local authority acting as an intervener; allegations of domestic violence and child abuse and cases involving a foreign element (i.e. removal from the jurisdiction).


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