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How much experience do you have in this area?

I qualified as a barrister in 1986 so have over 30 years’ experience.

How would you describe your approach to working with clients?

I’m very down to earth and believe in the art of listening to clients and building a relationship in order to properly advise and represent people’s best interests.

Legal Expertise

I regularly act for local authorities and guardians as well as for parents and grandparents and extended family members. I’ve undertaken lengthy fact find hearings involving allegations of NAI (non-accidentaI injury) and alleged abuse. I’ve represented some very vulnerable clients in public law proceedings where ground rules may have to be considered in order to ensure a fair hearing. I appear regularly in the County Court and High Court.

I also undertake private Children Act work, which frequently includes cases where one parent is allegedly hostile to the other involving allegations of parental alienation. I’ve undertaken fact finding hearings where marital rape and severe emotional and physical abuse is alleged by one party against the other or abuse is alleged towards the child concerned.

I regularly represent clients where issues have arisen concerning permanent removal of a child/children from the jurisdiction. In one recent case I acted for a father who opposed the permanent removal of a child to Italy by the Italian mother. The first appeal by the mother (to a single judge of the High Court) was successful. However this was overturned by the Court of Appeal and the original order reinstated preventing the removal of the child.

My expertise in financial claims includes those brought in divorce, under TOLATA and Children Act Schedule 1 financial claims and I act for husbands, wives and intervenors.

My academic background in Business Administration and so I can easily grasp aspects of company accounts and the tax implications of proceedings and the potential/suspected dissipation of assets. Some of these routinely involve consideration of a property portfolio and often a family business/company and sometimes assets overseas.

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