3PB Direct


Most barristers will be happy to provide a fixed fee quote or work to a budget set by you. Please don’t be afraid to ask if a piece of work can be completed for a set price – we welcome the challenge. Sometimes however it will need to be a flexible fee based on his or her hourly rate, which means that the total cost will depend on how many hours are worked.

The actual cost will vary depending upon what you are instructing a barrister to do for you, the complexity and nature of your case and the seniority of counsel. We have a dedicated, experienced team of advisers/clerks that will help you decide on the level of representation you need and be your first point of contact with 3PB Direct.

Once the papers have been considered and your clear instructions have been received, a clerk will contact you with a proposed fee and, assuming that is agreed, they will send you a letter of engagement that sets out our terms and conditions, confirms the quote and requires your counter-signature.

Your 3PB Direct barrister will not be cheap. You will be using a high quality barrister who you may well consider could be described as “reassuringly expensive”. We would be happy with this. Nonetheless we expect to be highly cost effective due to low overheads with our lawyers mainly working from home, and many many clients who have instructed barristers directly have commented favourably regarding the cost of doing so.

Funding Options

We do very occasionally undertake legal work direct with members of public in publicly funded (legally-aided) cases. To find out if you are eligible for public funding (sometimes referred to as legal aid) please click here.

Legal aid can help pay for legal advice, family mediation or representation in court or at a tribunal. You’ll be asked general questions about your legal problem and your financial situation.

Our 3PB Direct barristers also work with a range of legal cost finance and litigation funding companies. We deal with both funders directly and with brokers such as Legal Cost Finance (Bar Council approved partner) and Annecto Legal.

Both offer products and funding arrangements to cover the costs of running your case either through extending credit, payment plans or fully funding your legal fees.

Fees covered by insurance

You may be covered for the legal costs of your dispute under an insurance policy, such as a home or motor policy.  Please do speak with your insurer before calling us.  This type of cover is often referred to as “legal expenses insurance” (LEI) or “before the event insurance” (BTE) and are sometimes included within other insurance policies.

When you engage lawyers to go to court in a dispute, you may be liable for the other parties legal costs in the event you are unsuccessful in your claim.  You can insure against this through an insurance policy called ATE (After The Event) and we would happily recommend a broker or insurer who can provide these policies should you wish. 

Payment Facility

Fees are always paid in advance of the work being undertaken. No fees are payable until that quote has been given, accepted and that letter of engagement signed.

3PB Direct accept card payments from all credit and debit cards, except American Express (unless done via PayPal on this website).

You can pay here via our online card payment system. Once funds have cleared the barrister is then committed to the fee and timescale you have agreed.

We also accept payment by bank transfer and can provide the necessary account details upon request.

For more information on pricing and timescales please visit this page.

You can check to see if a barrister is registered here.