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Whatever your involvement is in either an inquest or public inquiry, you will find it essential to have the right, expert legal representation to ensure that you obtain the answers you are looking for, and are able to have your voice heard and standing protected at court hearings, military inquests or at the public inquiry itself.

3PB barristers have exceptional experience in representing individuals, families and organisations when the stakes are the highest.  Our advocates are honed in the Courtroom, and have heavy experience challenging evidence in the most critical and complex of proceedings.

We assist on all aspects of coronial law with barristers advising and representing bereaved families, members of police forces and hospital trusts, individuals, statutory bodies and SMEs at Coroners Court and military inquests in cases covering a vast range of complex legal and factual issues. This includes helping families and other interested persons in lengthy and high-profile inquests attracting intense media scrutiny. We also offer expertise on the question of challenging the decision of the Coroner in the High Court and act in Judicial Review proceedings arising from inquests in the Administrative Court.

We regularly act for workers or their families on cases of industrial disease and fatal workplace accidents. Many industrial disease claims start out as Inquests and we are able to provide expert advocacy from an early stage, to ensure that necessary facts are brought to light which will form the foundation of future fatal accident claims.

On the military and police side we have acted for the MoD and police authorities as well as individual officers at Inquest hearings for in excess of 50 years. Most of these are Jury Inquests and often the individual conduct of officers is under intense scrutiny. We are used to the high level of demand from such individuals and organisations, particularly when many Inquests will receive significant media attention.

3PB barristers have been involved in many public inquiries, including those involving alleged failings by both businesses and statutory bodies. We have decades of experience across our team handling a wide range of the most complex and contentious inquiries. We draw on a large pool of resources from the 3PB’s specialist teams in providing representation at this level, with the ability to continue that representation, in the event that civil or criminal proceedings follow an Inquest verdict or Inquiry conclusion.

For help and advice please contact Chris Mitchell on +44 (0)3333 231 586 or email us.

Frequently asked questions

When someone’s death is considered non-natural (such as deaths in a business premises, on building sites or during employment), occurs following contact with or in the care of a public body (such as deaths when in police custody or involving poor medical treatment) or the cause is unknown, a Coroner will be legally required to […]

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An inquest is an independent investigation into an unnatural death, which is carried out by a Coroner. The aim is to establish who the deceased was, where and when they died, and the reason why they died. In most inquests it will only be the reason why a person died that needs to be uncovered. […]

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No. Inquests by themselves have no power to assign blame to a named person or determine any question of civil or criminal liability. Wherever liability is alleged, a separate claim or prosecution will need to be brought to attempt to secure such penalties against individuals or organisations. However, the evidence obtained in the course of […]

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Inquests can be complicated and intimidating, with most members of the public have no experience of what is involved. Our barristers can assist you in a variety of ways, including dealing with procedural matters, such as requests for copies of statements and other key evidence, as well as ensuring the right questions are asked and […]

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