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Top-ranked in Chambers UK and Legal 500, 3PB Barristers has one of the foremost and best known team of criminal defence barristers in the UK.

We are at the cutting edge of white collar criminal disputes and general crime defence cases, having been involved in many of the most significant cases in London and across the UK representing privately-paying defendants who are not eligible for legal aid. Our experience and depth of understanding of criminal and regulatory matters, and general strength in depth, in this field is second to none. Key areas include:

  • Business and financial crime
  • Drugs
  • Prisons law
  • Proceeds of Crime
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual abuse.

A robust defence for anyone is a fundamental human right, and our barristers are known for tirelessly fighting to establish our clients’ innocence until proven guilty and ensuring our clients’ best interests are served. Our barristers are known for their strategic expertise, outstanding client service and their discretion. Our criminal barristers are highly experienced, astute and supportive. We are particularly well known for our ability to deliver exceptional court room advocacy, win our cases or help get the best possible settlement and results for our clients.

We pride ourselves in the track record that our barristers have for the skill of trying to get rid of matters before they go too far. We also offer genuine round-the-clock service, seven days a week. We offer a real sensitivity to the kind of issues that high net worth individuals face in high-end, complex criminal work as well as less-complex, smaller criminal matters.

3PB’s criminal law barristers work with many of the best known criminal defence solicitors as well and take great pride in this fact and our reputation for teamwork with any in-house or external solicitors, advisers or family members assisting defendants.

We are an equal opportunities employer and conduct all our relationships with our suppliers and our clients in accordance with 3PB’s Equality and Diversity Policy.

For help and advice please contact Lee Giles on +44 (0)3333 231 586 or email us.

Frequently asked questions

No, the two systems can work together. There is nothing to prohibit a civil claim following a criminal claim, or vice versa – or even both happening simultaneously. Simultaneous proceedings are allowed unless the defendant would face a real risk of serious prejudice which may lead to injustice in the civil proceedings, the criminal proceedings […]

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No, in the UK there is no legal obligation to report a fraud to the police or to any other body, unless you and/or your business are part of a regulated sector that has a duty to do so.  

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In civil proceedings a successful victim may obtain an order that the defendant repay the money/assets taken and or pay damages to the victim. It is possible very quickly to obtain judgment/reach settlement in certain circumstances, e.g. where you have very strong evidence against the defendant.  If the defendant is convicted, the prosecuting authority can […]

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There are many differences, but in short civil fraud is pursued by the victim(s) by way of a private action in the civil courts to seek recovery of the monies/assets which have been taken and/or the payment of compensation/damages to the victim(s). The decision in a civil trial will be made by a Judge.  Criminal […]

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Stephen Harvey KC

Lawyer since 1979

Richard Pratt KC

Lawyer since 1980

Robert Grey

Lawyer since 1979

Timothy Bradbury

Lawyer since 1989

Nicholas Cotter

Lawyer since 1999

Audrey Archer

Lawyer since 2004

Tom Horder

Lawyer since 2004

Jodie Mittell

Lawyer since 2004

Nicholas Robinson

Lawyer since 2006

Sunyana Sharma

Lawyer since 2006

Jonathan Underhill

Lawyer since 2008

Berenice Mulvanny

Lawyer since 2009

Gemma White

Lawyer since 2009

Thomas Evans

Lawyer since 2010

Graham Gilbert

Lawyer since 2015

3PB has great breadth and depth in its criminal team, with members acting in large-scale drug trafficking matters, high profile historic sexual offences, murder cases and violent crime.

3PB Barristers enjoys a sterling reputation for high levels of quality and consistency across its broad criminal practice. It has an enviable track record of handling high-profile and demanding criminal cases, including murder, fraud, drug and sex offences.