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Whatever the nature of your commercial dispute – breach of warranty claim, falling out over contracts, professional negligence, directors liabilities and duties or shareholder problems, insolvency or debt recovery, credit hire litigation, property, construction or boundary disputes, defamation or intellectual property – our barristers act for businesses of all sizes and individuals to resolve the conflict and get you the best resolution and recover what’s due to you.

Whether this is from court proceedings or alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, your expert barrister will have an exceptional record in getting exceptional results, whatever the issue or value of claim.

Urgent applications

3PB has longstanding and particular expertise in providing urgent advice and representation in court to get or defend applications for injunctions and freezing orders.

Our barristers will give you a speedy and honest overview of your commercial dispute, once you have sent the relevant documents to us, plus sensible and practical advice about the dispute. As well as being highly professional, you’ll find us personal and approachable.

For help and advice please contact David Fielder on +44 (0)3333 231 586 or email us.

Frequently asked questions

It is always important to have the right contract in place for any transaction. No matter how good the relationship between the parties or the preparation of the paperwork, you simply cannot stop the other party breaching the contract. A “contract” does not have to be a written document in order for it to be […]

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When sold to customers who are likely to lack expertise and understanding of the product (i.e. ‘non-sophisticated customers’), some financial products may be inappropriate. If the product which you were sold has not performed in the way that you expected, or has ended up costing a lot more than you would have expected as a […]

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3PB covers the full range of construction and engineering claims from Design and Build, PFI/PPP, Civil Engineering, MEP, Roads, Rail, Airports, Tunnels, Docks and Jetties, Energy (Oil, Gas Coal, Nuclear, alternative fuels), Renewable Energy (Wind, Wave and Solar), Professional Negligence, Party Wall Act, Contract drafting and ancillary documents as well as claims and contracts under […]

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Our experienced team of specially-trained clerks make instructing a 3PB Direct barrister simple. Watch our video for a step-by-step guide on how to work with us to achieve a resolution to your legal issue.

We’ll be here every step of the way to support and guide you through the legal challenges at hand.

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