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3PB’s employment team are leaders in their field of expertise, offering nationwide legal assistance to employers and employees. Our employment specialists provide legal assistance and advice before litigation to navigate employers and employees around any legal issues without the need for litigation. This includes negotiating settlements and conducting workplace investigations, meetings and appeals on behalf of employers.

Our employment experts also regularly represent employers and employees during legal proceedings in the employment tribunal, county and high courts in addition to the appellate courts.

For Employers

For all businesses employment and discrimination law can be confusing and difficult to navigate. The consequences of misapplying the law can be draining on a business’ finances, resources and time. Speaking directly to a specialist barrister, who has experience of the consequences of employment disputes resulting in litigation, will provide confidence, reassurance and clarity. Practical and clear advice from an early stage can be crucial. Identifying your barrister at an early stage will assist with continuity throughout the legal process until resolution.

For Employees

Knowing who to turn to when you believe your legal rights have been breached is a real dilemma. You will probably need to know as soon as possible whether you have real grounds for complaint and if so what to do next. We offer a clear assessment on the strength of your case and sound advice about whether to issue a claim, use an internal process e.g. grievance or perhaps negotiate a settlement. If a claim is started, an employment barrister can assist you in the preparation of your case and represent you at the hearing.

You may be able to access help with your legal costs via your home or motor insurance (if you have legal expenses insurance or via a professional membership association. Specialist legal costs funding may also be available. Speak to one of our experienced team about this. Access general information on costs funding here.

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For help and advice please contact Russell Porter on +44 (0)3333 231 586 or email us.

Frequently asked questions

How can I use the services of an employment barrister? Sometimes employers utilise the services of a barrister to assist with complex issues which arise in the workplace or business for example: Advice on and drafting of employment documentation. Conducting workplace investigations, hearings and appeals (e.g. whistleblowing, disciplinary or grievance). Advising on the application of […]

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An employer or employee is entitled to represent themselves in the employment tribunal or county court and an effort to ensure that you understand the process will be made by the presiding judge. However, many litigants usually consider it to be preferable to obtain legal representation so as to ensure that a case is presented […]

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For most claims (although not all) a claimant must firstly comply with the requirements of ACAS Early Conciliation. Further details about ACAS EC may be found on the ACAS website.  Once completed ACAS will generate an early conciliation certificate containing a reference number which will need to be included on the tribunal ET1 form. In […]

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In the majority of cases, before bringing a complaint to an employment tribunal, the claimant must first contact ACAS for early conciliation.   ACAS EC is an attempt to allow the parties to resolve the dispute quickly and cost-effectively with the assistance of an independent conciliation officer.  If the parties are able to reach an agreement […]

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An employer will be sent a copy of the claimant’s ET1 form together with correspondence from the tribunal about the case, which might include case management orders. The tribunal correspondence will usually advise you of the date by which you must have formally responded to the claim. However, this will be 28 days. It is […]

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A claim for unfair dismissal must be received by the tribunal within 3 months of an employee’s effective date of termination (less a day). The tribunal may otherwise accept an unfair dismissal claim where it finds that it was not reasonably practicable to bring the claim within the three month period but was otherwise brought […]

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A claim for discrimination must be brought within 3 months (less a day) of the discriminatory event. Claims outside of the three month period may be accepted if the tribunal considers that it is just and equitable to do so or alternatively, where it forms part of a continuing act of discrimination. Legislation provides for […]

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Your case will usually be heard either by a single specialist employment judge sitting alone or by a panel of three experts consisting of an employment judge and two lay member from industry such as those from Human Resources or Trade Union backgrounds. Where the parties consent a hearing that should have been considered by […]

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It is important to make sure that you understand why your case has been listed for a preliminary hearing. This will most commonly be for case management.  If the case is listed for case management then the tribunal will usually ask you to complete a template document called a “Case Management Agenda”. A copy of […]

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The court system is under pressure of resources. If you case is adjourned it will be heard at a later date which will be informed to you in writing by the court. You should provide any dates to avoid for any relisted hearing to the Tribunal, including that of your chosen barrister.

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The court or tribunal will issue case management orders to assist in the preparation of your case for hearing. These will either be issued upon receipt of the claim or made thereafter during a preliminary or case management hearing. Such orders cover matters such as: A list of issues Disclosure of documents A joint agreed […]

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Judicial mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It is offered by the employment tribunal in cases which are likely to last 3 days or more. Judicial mediation takes place in designated rooms at an employment tribunal. The parties are each given a room for the day and are not forced to confront the […]

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Colin McDevitt

Lawyer since 1995

Craig Ludlow

Lawyer since 2002

Karen Moss

Lawyer since 2002

Katherine Anderson

Lawyer since 2005

Sarah Clarke

Lawyer since 2005

Matthew Curtis

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Gareth Graham

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Stephen Wyeth

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Joseph England

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Daniel Brown

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Grace Nicholls

Lawyer since 2015

The employment practice covers a broad spectrum of employment matters, with extensive experience of whistleblowing, equal pay, unfair dismissal claims and discrimination cases.

With ‘very strong barristers in the employment field’, 3PB maintains a solid reputation. Barristers handle discrimination, whistleblowing and unfair dismissal, as well as a range of other claims.