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3PB Direct’s Family team are able to assist members of the public seeking legal advice or representation within family law and this is especially useful where there are problems with your family finances and funding issues occur after divorce or separation.

We recognise that many individuals cannot afford to instruct both barristers and solicitors. 3PB Direct’s Family team are all specialist family barristers and specialist advocates who can help with court work and can advise in conferences on matters to consider in advance of your hearings.

We are known for our friendly professional approach and are recognised as experts in financial provision (divorce, cohabitation, maintenance, death) child arrangements orders (contact, residence) property disputes, adoption, judicial review, welfare issues, Court of Protection and international children’s issues and human rights.

We have a thriving team of family barristers and offer expert advice and representation in court to individuals. By instructing us direct an individual has greater control over which aspects of proceedings they wish to spend money on. All bills are paid in advance once the work to be undertaken is agreed upon.

Chambers has an exceptional record in financial remedy cases, including business and farming assets, as well as in  contentious probate in which we work in partnership with 3PB’s specialist probate team . Details on 3PB’s probate specialists can be found here.

Case Review costs

We make a charge of £150 + VAT for a barrister to review your case (£300 + VAT if a QC is required). This is to ensure that your case is properly and comprehensively reviewed at the outset. This will give you the best indication as to whether it’s appropriate to instruct a barrister for your case. You will be asked to provide the barrister with copies of documents (case papers) that your barrister will need to read along with any further information provided via the direct access enquiry form available on our website (opposite).

Once payment for the review fee has cleared and the assessment has been carried out we’ll let you know whether this is a case that 3PB’s barristers can undertake. If it is you’ll receive a quote for the work at the outset. No work will start until you are happy with – and have paid – the quoted fee and returned your signed client care documentation.

Is your case suitable?

Not all cases will be suitable for this approach. When your case does require a solicitor, your 3PB Direct barrister has the unique knowledge of other family barristers so can assist you in finding the right solicitor at an expense that is appropriate for you and your case.

For help and advice please contact Robert Leonard on +44 (0)3333 231 586 or email us.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have assets that you would like to try to and protect if you ever get divorced? Have you signed a prenuptial agreement that is now being considered in your divorce? How can you try and protect your assets by having a post-nuptial agreement drawn up, which could be done after you are married? […]

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This podcast is a must listen for grandparents who want to know what their rights are in relation to their grandchildren in the event that they have had a breakdown of relations with the children’s parents. Hatti Suvari and family barrister Rachael Goodall from 3PB Barristers discuss what is meant by grandparents rights? What rights […]

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What are you entitled to during a divorce from your marriage? Does your home have to be sold as part of your divorce? Should you consider receiving or paying spousal or child maintenance? Listen to this free and informative episode where Hatti Suvari and Barrister Rachael Goodall cover the key points for you to consider […]

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No. 3PB’s specialist family barristers are to re-use a well-known phrase, “reassuringly expensive”. In family disputes, some lawyers are approached by members of the public in a hoped-for bidding war with other lawyers to try and get the cheapest price. This can and frequently does mean barristers wasting hours of work on unnecessary reviews and […]

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A 3PB Direct family barrister will be able to advise you (either in person or in writing); and represent you in court. There are some activities which your barrister will not be able to undertake for you. Examples include: A barrister cannot issue proceedings on your behalf or to issue other applications or to take […]

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Yes, all of our 3PB Direct family barristers are experts in the field of family law across all of its disciplines from matters concerning children to financial issues arising as a result of divorce. Our dedicated team of family lawyers will help you to navigate through the family courts at one can often be an […]

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You do enter into a contract with a Barrister. You will receive a client care letter which forms the basis on which you are able to instruct counsel and also gives you a fee for the work being undertaken by your barrister. You will be required to sign to confirm agreement to the terms. It […]

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  You pay your barrister for every item of work or attendance at a hearing – fees are paid in advance as set out in the client care letter that you receive at the outset.

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How to instruct a barrister

Our experienced team of specially-trained clerks make instructing a 3PB Direct barrister simple. Watch our video for a step-by-step guide on how to work with us to achieve a resolution to your legal issue.

We’ll be here every step of the way to support and guide you through the legal challenges at hand.

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Family Barristers


Vanessa Meachin KC

Lawyer since 1990

Richard Tyson

Lawyer since 1975

Simon Lillington

Lawyer since 1981

Tonia Clark

Lawyer since 1986

Dorian Day

Lawyer since 1987

Elisabeth Hudson

Lawyer since 1987

Sarah Dines MP

Lawyer since 1988

Mark Calway

Lawyer since 1989

Michael George

Lawyer since 1990

Hamish Dunlop

Lawyer since 1991

Hannah Bush

Lawyer since 1991

Melanie De Freitas

Lawyer since 1995

Elaine Strachan

Lawyer since 1995

Andrew Lorie

Lawyer since 1996

Tom Tyler

Lawyer since 1996

Martin Kenny

Lawyer since 1997

Poonam Bhari

Lawyer since 1999

Rebecca Franklin

Lawyer since 2001

Gemma Chapman

Lawyer since 2002

Emma Harman

Lawyer since 2003

Audrey Archer

Lawyer since 2004

Nathalie Bull

Lawyer since 2004

Elizabeth Hepworth

Lawyer since 2004

Suzanne Coleclough

Lawyer since 2005

Nick Davies

Lawyer since 2006

Adam Langrish

Lawyer since 2006

Emma Southern

Lawyer since 2006

Mark Elliott

Lawyer since 2007

Aimee Fox

Lawyer since 2007

Amy Beddis

Lawyer since 2009

Nicola Frost

Lawyer since 2009

Alex Hodge

Lawyer since 2009

Sarah Jennings

Lawyer since 2009

Esther Lieu

Lawyer since 2011

Andrew Duncan

Lawyer since 2011

Kara Cann

Lawyer since 2012

Amy Lush

Lawyer since 2013

Adeo Fraser

Lawyer since 2014

Antonida Kocharova

Lawyer since 2015

Hayley Manser

Lawyer since 2015

Ria Herbert

Lawyer since 2017

Jim Hirschmann

Lawyer since 2018

Nigel Hawkins

Lawyer since 2023

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Amy Beddis to anyone who is unfortunate enough to be in my position. Her knowledge and confidence certainly helped me. She was highly professional at all times. Amy was very well briefed and prepared and this certainly showed. Amy has a ‘no nonsense, can do’ attitude. When faced with the daunting prospect of Court, she is definitely someone you would want on your side!”

"3PB's team has expertise across a broad range of family matters, including matrimonial finance, international child abduction and relocation, as well as cases of fabricated and induced illnesses."

"The family team is very strong on both financial specialists and child law specialists."

"Key areas of instruction include matrimonial finance, child abduction, non-accidental injuries, domestic and sexual abuse cases and care and placement applications, among others."