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Conflict and tension are all around us:

  • The people opposite have attached a wooden gate post without permission to their next door neighbour’s wall
  • The next door but one house to you is always having noisy parties
  • ‘They’ always park on my right of way
  • The football club’s new supa-dupa electronic score board fails to show the away team’s score
  • Why doesn’t my face fit at work?
  • The family do not agree with Uncle Albert’s will – how could he get it so wrong?
  • Can’t you see that this building is riddled with defects?
  • Can’t we negotiate this final account sensibly?
  • OK, we are getting divorced, but what about the children?

From a garden fence to a £100m financial claim – our mediators are waiting to help you.

Mediation is the UK’s most popular form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). 3PB Direct can help you mediate in one of two ways:

  • We have experienced barristers who know the mediation process ‘inside out’. They can help you prepare your case for mediation and assist you during a mediation. Our barristers know what a settlement agreement should contain and how to write it down.
  • 3PB’s team of qualified mediators (civil / commercial AND family) is experienced in helping individuals and businesses resolve their disputes quickly, confidentially and cost-effectively. Those mediations may be ‘face to face’, but in suitable cases increasingly conducted by telephone at times that suit busy people.

Mediation looks to achieve practical solutions that work for you; it allows parties to release their emotions, identify the psychological drivers that may block settlement but also to engage in reality testing and moving forward. Mediation empowers the participants to an extent beyond what they can achieve in the litigation process, where the solution is judge or arbitrator imposed. In mediation, you decide if a proposed solution works for you. The mediator is there to help open your eyes to possibilities you may not have considered or feared putting to your opponent.

As it is ‘horses for courses’ 3PB offers qualified and accredited mediators at all levels of seniority. Most of our mediators are also acclaimed experts in their day job – from construction law to employment law to family law.

We can offer other ADR options, e.g. conciliation and expert determination, which our advisers are happy to discuss with you.

What you get from our mediation team:

  • A clear explanation of how much the service will cost
  • An easy and prompt booking service to include sorting out date and venue
  • Helpful tips to identify the right mediator for your job and the right mediation process.

For disputes up to a value of £200,000 we will provide a mediator under our fixed fee mediation scheme, offering parties cost-effective and speedy assistance to resolve their dispute. We also offer mediation accommodation free of charge (subject to availability) in our six national centres.

Feel free to get in touch, either by filling in the enquiry form below or giving us a call or sending us an email. Our experienced case advisors will be able to assist you and can also arrange for any of our mediators to call you if you would find this helpful. We aim to respond without delay.

Mediation Barristers

For help and advice please contact Matthew Wildish on +44 (0)3333 231 586 or email us.

Frequently asked questions

Litigation is a form of warfare. Few experiences are more stressful or lonely than the requirement to give evidence in Court. Your opponent’s barrister is there to hook into you and your evidence and take both of you down the plughole. Your barrister has a professional duty to do likewise with your opponent. For that […]

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A ‘one size fits all’ approach is impossible in mediation. Some parties turn up with a barrister and solicitor, others are unrepresented. It is down to the mediator to create an environment in which both can have their say, and both have an equal chance to work with the mediator successfully. Treat the mediator as […]

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How much does it cost? That will be one of your first questions. Our aim is to provide you with early and clear advice. For those mediations where not more than £200,000 (claim and counterclaim) is in dispute, we offer a fixed fee scheme. Mention this when completing the enquiry form opposite for details. In […]

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Mediation is flexible, so ‘should happen’ is perhaps not quite the right thing to say. A good mediator always needs to know when and how to change direction. The mediator will always remind you that he / she is not a judge or arbitrator there to impose a decision upon you. The mediator’s role is […]

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To help us ensure that your mediation progresses smoothly, we need: Your prompt response to our requests for documentation to carry out money laundering checks Payment of the mediator’s fees as ‘cleared’ funds before the mediation starts. In the event of non-payment the mediation may be postponed until payment is made, or cancelled Notification of […]

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At the start of a mediation session, the wise mediator will confirm that the participants are authorised to take decisions. The reason is obvious. As the aim of mediation is to achieve an agreed solution, decision-makers need to be present, or (second best) readily contactable. However, life is not that simple. Maybe a company representative […]

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Mediation Barristers


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Michael Norman

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