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How would you describe your approach to working with clients?

I’ve previously been described as a “human calculator” so I guess you could say that I’m good with numbers! I combine this with thorough preparation, meticulous attention to detail and good person skills.

Legal Expertise

My family law financial claims experience includes advising spouses on divorce; co-habitees upon separation and dependants from the estate of a deceased. In the context of divorce proceedings, I’m particularly experienced in cases cases involving family businesses; professional clients and the military.

I routinely advise and represent co-habitees, co-owners and other family members on property issues including: legal and beneficial ownerships (and the Court’s powers under TOLATA (Trusts of Land and Appointment of trustees Act 1996); promisory and proprietary estoppel (promissory estoppel, where one person makes a promise to another, but there is no enforceable contract; and proprietary estoppel, where different parties argue who officially owns the title to land). I’m also able to offer advice on Inheritance Act claims.

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