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In addition to general family law I also have extensive experience in financial remedy proceeding at all stages.

I have particular experience in dealing with cases involving the following issues:

  • Assets located overseas and disputes over their ownership and valuation, particularly in India and South Asia
  • Land, including third-party interests and the effect of planning permission on valuation
  • Family and other trusts
  • Seeking emergency remedies such as search and freezing injunctions in the High Court.
  • Pensions, particularly police and military pensions
  • Maintenance pending suit, interim periodical payments and school fees
  • Companies, their valuation and ownership including family-owned companies and “piercing the corporate veil”
  • Shares and share options.

I’ve worked with clients from a wide range of backgrounds and have witnessed the various cultural issues that arise from divorce proceedings. I’m also experienced in working with clients with disabilities, particularly the deaf and blind/partially sighted. I can also offer knowledge and expertise in terms of a court’s approach to the treatment of personal injury damages on divorce.

In addition to financial proceedings arising from divorce, I can assist with TOLATA matters and other beneficial ownership disputes, including those involving boats. I also have experience in matters involving equitable accounting.

I’ve represented clients at CSA and CMEC Tribunals, both at First Tier and Second Tier level and I have familiarity in dealing with contested jurisdiction and habitual residence in this context. In terms of divorce proceedings including defended divorce, I can deal with related applications such as preventing the grant of decree absolute.

My family practice also includes private law children work in all areas of arrangements for children, particularly intractable contact disputes including those requiring the appointment of a Guardian. I have experience of dealing with cases of allegations of physical and sexual abuse as well as extensive experience of cases involving domestic violence.

I’m also experienced in dealing with cases of disputed medical treatment in the High Court. He also deals with disputes over choice of schooling and internal relocation.

I regularly appear in care proceedings at all stages from EPO until final hearing and acts for all parties including local authorities, parents, grandparents and children as well as intervenors and special guardians. I have experience in matters involving serious allegations of sexual and physical abuse, including non-accidental injuries, and in dealing with complex medical evidence of these. I can also assist with adoption matters and have appeared in the Court of Appeal on an issue of post-adoption contact.

Finally, I can assist with any cases concerning wardship, both when arising out of public law proceedings as well as in cases with an international aspect. I also have experience in matters of child abduction, leave to remove and other aspects of the law concerning the international movement of children. I can advise in relation to all aspects of injunction under the Family Law Act 1996.

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