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I have over 40 years of experience of advising across a wide range of property matters.

Legal Expertise

My principal areas of expertise are: chancery; planning; land-related professional negligence; property; registration of land; trusts; village greens; assets of community value; and public rights of way.

I have extensive experience in the law of easements and restrictive covenants where I’ve had a number of cases in the Upper Tribunal. I also regularly deal with disputes on title, conflicts over boundaries and claims to possessory titles. I’m particularly familiar with the law and practice affecting business and agricultural tenancies and I have a great deal of experience in claims involving rent review, dilapidations or other breaches of covenant in these sectors.

With regards to planning law, I’ve acted for both local planning authorities and developers, notably on appeals involving proposals for development in the green belt. I also have a special interest in listed buildings and planning conditions which seek to restrict occupancy of new or converted dwellings to local inhabitants. My expertise in planning law is assisted by my lengthy background as a Chancery lawyer specialising in land law.

In addition I advise on the control of advertisements and recently advised on the likelihood of a consent to the siting of an elevated digital display unit on a building overlooking a large roundabout having five exits and four entrances.

I’m also regularly instructed by landowners and local authorities in cases involving planning enforcement and I’m currently involved in a substantial, high value litigation between operators involved in the recycling, management and disposal of waste materials.

I have considerable experience in relation to commons and village greens and I regularly take part as an inspector or counsel in a large number of village green inquiries. I advise applicants for registration, landowners and registration authorities on matters of procedure, evidence and law on a range of matters, including what to do when your land has been wrongly registered as a green. Public rights of way is another challenging area of the law and gives rise to acute conflicts of interest. All too often the issue is whether an ancient track in the countryside is in law a public highway or, if it is, whether those who would like to use it with motorbikes for recreation have had their rights taken away by legislation. I’ve regularly appeared for landowners at inquiries in the case of opposed modification orders.

I’m further an expert on the law and practice of assets of community value which was introduced in the Localism Act 2011.

Finally, my experience in chancery work and my expertise in property issues has meant I’ve often been involved in cases where there may have been negligence by professional advisers such as counsel, solicitors, surveyors or valuers.

I have written books on planning and property law including Planning Law: A Practitioner’s Handbook, and Restrictions on the Use of Land.

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