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With an in-depth knowledge of match-fixing, corruption and bribery in sport, 3PB Direct are the choice of barristers for regulators, clubs and individual athletes subject to match fixing, fraud and other criminal proceedings. There is now an enhanced awareness of the potential for financial abuses, cheating, corruption and criminality. This has led to greater enforcement action by sporting bodies and governments in relation to corruption, bribery and match fixing.

Commercial sports disputes also increasingly involve allegations of complex quasi-criminality or fraud. 3PB Direct deploys expertise from its commercial and criminal law departments to provide a multi-disciplinary approach in meeting clients’ needs.

3PB Direct barristers are increasingly asked to advise on match-fixing proceedings against sportsmen and women where there has been intent to fix the result of the match they are playing in to ensure a particular outcome occurs. Match fixing, when motivated by gambling, requires contacts (and normally money transfers) between gamblers, players, team officials and/or referees.

We are also frequently asked provide expert advice and representation for individuals, regulators or clubs, whether they are under investigation or need assistance complying with bribery legislation. The Bribery Act 2010 is wide-reaching and a breach can lead to personal and corporate criminal liability, with potential sanctions including fines and/or imprisonment. We will help you with an internal investigation; Whistleblowing; developing adequate procedures and policies and compliance advice.

We can help you whether you are a witness to bribery and corruption, an investigator, a victim or a suspect.

For help and advice please contact Stuart Pringle on +44 (0)3333 231 586 or email us.

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The Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions is a multilateral treaty that aims to prevent, detect, and punish match fixing in sport. The convention was concluded in Switzerland in September 2014. At its conclusion, it was immediately signed by 15 states of the Council of Europe; it is open to ratification […]

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It is not uncommon to see a defence that the athletes were ‘vulnerable’ in the sense that they were easily influenced to get involved in match fixing for financial reasons. As a result, elements of duress have regularly been put forward by various sportsmen. Cricketer Salman Butt’s punishment – described in the court judgment as […]

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Bookmakers now also accept bets about individual performances in team sporting events, which has prompted a phenomenon known as spot fixing – such as the 2010 Pakistani cricket players’  no-balling scandal – for the benefit of gamblers. After investigations by the News of the World and Scotland Yard, Mazhar Majeed, Pakistan’s captain, Salman Butt, Mohammad […]

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Yes, the Fraud Act 2006 adds the offence of fraud to the list of criminal offences contained within the Gambling Act 2005. This provision will often be used to prosecute individuals involved in match fixing who are outside the scope of prosecution by the sporting governing bodies. This would include corrupt groups which run betting […]

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Under the Gambling Act 2005, all bookmakers are required to share information with sporting governing bodies and to alert them to suspicious betting activities surrounding sporting contests. This condition is viewed as a crucial tool in preventing and detecting betting-related fraud. A 2016 briefing report for the European Union parliament suggests that certain sports are […]

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Many sports are investigating and managing this internally through appropriate rules and penalties drawn up by the various governing bodies. For example, the Football Association tackled the problem of match fixing by introducing a worldwide ban on betting on football for all those involved in the game at Premier League, Football League, National League and […]

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An accepted definition of match-fixing of The National Policy on Match-Fixing in Sport in Australia (June 2011) is “the manipulation of an outcome or contingency by competitors, teams, sports agents, support staff, referees and officials and venue staff, which includes: the deliberate fixing of the result of a contest, or of an occurrence within the […]

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The Act creates four criminal offences: paying bribes, receiving bribes, bribing foreign public officials and negligent failure to prevent bribery – so it is for the business to show that it took sufficient steps to have prevented it. The consequences of committing any of the offences under the Act is 10 years imprisonment for individuals […]

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An investigation can be extremely stressful. Not only is the reputation of your club and your sport at stake, but your own reputation can also be damaged. We provide cost effective, tactical and realistic advice to anyone fearing or currently under investigation. If investigations span different jurisdictions, we can also work alongside legal teams overseas. […]

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