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What is judicial review?

Judicial review is a court proceeding where a judge reviews whether a public body’s decision or action is lawful. It... Read more

I’m just looking for some initial advice at this stage – can I contact you?

Yes of course. You don't have to be ready to instruct a barrister to contact us. One of our experienced team of... Read more

Can I claim compensation?

Rarely. Damages are available as a remedy in judicial review in only limited circumstances. Compensation is not... Read more

Can we get an Injunction to stop the public body?

Yes. An injunction is an order made by the court to stop a public body from acting in an unlawful way. Less commonly, an... Read more

Could a Declaration help me?

Yes. A declaration is a judgment by the Administrative Court which clarifies the respective rights and obligations of... Read more

Will a Mandatory order compel the public authority to do their job?

 Yes. A mandatory order compels public authorities to fulfil their duties. Whereas quashing and prohibition orders deal... Read more

What is the difference with a Prohibiting order?

A prohibiting order is similar to a quashing order in that it prevents a tribunal or authority from acting beyond the... Read more

What is a Quashing order?

A quashing order nullifies a decision which has been made by a public body. The effect is to make the decision... Read more

What can I get from my judicial review case?

The following remedies are available in proceedings for judicial review: Quashing order Prohibiting order ... Read more

How long does judicial review take in the UK?

Claims for judicial review require permission from the court before going ahead. Claims must be made within certain time... Read more

Can you appeal a judicial review?

You have to do this at the hearing. If you're turned down you can still apply to the higher court for permission. You... Read more

What are the costs, and can you get funding support?

There are a variety of funding options for judicial review cases. Legal Aid is available for people claiming... Read more

How to instruct a barrister

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