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Is there a trend towards a rise in the number of health and safety prosecutions brought against directors and senior managers?

Yes, particularly gross negligence manslaughter. Compared with enforcement action taken in 2013, the number of... Read more

How much do you have to do to protect you organisation for health and safety at work?

The introduction of the Definitive Guideline for the sentencing of individuals convicted of gross negligence... Read more

When will a public inquiry be held?

Public Inquires are held when there is public concern that something has happened requiring an open, fair and thorough... Read more

Will you act for defendants as well as claimants?

We work with various public and regulatory bodies – helping them to exercise their powers, discharge their duties, and... Read more

What are key considerations in bringing cases or defending them in public and regulatory claims?

Challenging public bodies is often a lengthy process with multiple stages of complaints, appeals and referrals, and... Read more

Do people have a right to be treated fairly?

Yes. People’s rights can be infringed and public law and regulatory barristers at 3PB may be able to help you or a... Read more

What is an unlawful decision by a public organisation?

Public bodies can only do what they are empowered to do by law. The law sets the limits of what each body can do and... Read more

What can Trading Standards do to stop businesses that break the law?

In most cases, businesses are keen to comply with the law and to avoid the risks and expenses of formal enforcement... Read more

What type of penalty will I get?

Trading Standards Officers will consider aggravating and mitigating factors when deciding on the type of penalty to... Read more

What are Trading Standards Officers’ powers?

Trading Standards Officers have a number of investigative powers. In some circumstances these extend to seizing and... Read more

In what circumstances will Trading Standards investigate a business?

Trading Standards Officers will have their own criteria for pursuing an investigation but common factors which are taken... Read more

What is Trading Standards?

Local authorities employ Trading Standards Officers to investigate consumer complaints and enforce legislation relating... Read more

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