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Will my barrister wear a wig?

Court dress is worn at hearings in open court in all Senior Courts of England and Wales and in county courts.  ... Read more

What does ‘3PB’ stand for?

3PB stands for 3 Paper Buildings. We have been practising from 3 Paper Buildings in the Temple in London since Christmas... Read more

What’s the difference between types of Court?

The courts system in the UK is not unified. England and Wales has one system, with Scotland and Northern Ireland having... Read more

What is 3PB Direct?

3PB Direct launched in England and Wales in June 2019 offering this online service allowing members of the public and... Read more

Can my family come with me when I go to Court?

The court is a public building and you are allowed to take a friend or family with you to court.  Family Court... Read more

Is my case suitable for direct access?

Direct access is available in all types of work that barristers can do. If you are not sure whether your case would be... Read more

I’m just looking for some initial advice at this stage – can I contact you?

Yes of course. You don't have to be ready to instruct a barrister to contact us. One of our experienced team of... Read more

I have received a summons from court – what should I do?

It's important that you feel well prepared if you have to attend court. Therefore it's advisable to seek professional... Read more

I need urgent advice – what should I do next?

When you have an urgent legal issue to deal with it can be distressing and time consuming to deal with. It's... Read more

I’ve received correspondence from an opponent’s lawyer – what’s my next step?

Receiving a formal letter from a lawyer can be intimidating and worrying. Especially if you weren't anticipating the... Read more

What will my family barrister be able to help me with?

A 3PB Direct family barrister will be able to advise you (either in person or in writing); and represent you in court. ... Read more

How can my family barrister help me?

A 3PB Direct family barrister will be able to provide both advice (in person or in writing) about your current... Read more

How to instruct a barrister

Our experienced team of specially-trained clerks make instructing a 3PB Direct barrister simple. Watch our video for a step-by-step guide on how to work with us to achieve a resolution to your legal issue.

We’ll be here every step of the way to support and guide you through the legal challenges at hand.

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